Please do not use temporary email addresses for your trial.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. As a part of your subscription we send a notification email as soon as each daily newsletter is ready.  This daily newsletter bounces on temporary and invalid email addresses which penalises our sender status and makes it harder for our emails to get through the spam filters of users with legitimate mail accounts.

2. We cannot provide you with the full value of the Marcus Today Newsletter service if you are not able to receive emails from us.

We understand why you would want to use a temporary email address – to prevent spam. Please rest assured, WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION WITH ANY ENTITY OUTSIDE THE MARCUS TODAY ORGANISATION.  You can unsubscribe or change your email preferences with Marcus Today at any time.

When we find invalid email addresses we will try to contact you to correct the address first, if we cannot resolve the problem we will terminate your trial.

If you haven’t provided us with a telephone number, please contact us on 0458 009 821 or reply to this email and provide your permanent email address

Marcus Today Membership Team